Late 2021 a colleague shared info with me about a camp ground at Noosa North Shore. I managed to book three nights in the second week of January. The park had recently had an upgrade of facilities.

To get there from Brisbane is around a two hour trip, crossing the Noosa river on the barge.

It is not your typical caravan park. There are only a small umber of powered sites.

Two areas (Banksia Loop and Malaleuka Loop) offer tree lined sites that are quite large. You feel a better sense of privacy than in caravan parks like Cotton Tree and Coolum where each site is open to the next.

The newer Kangaroo section is devoid of trees and more like the traditional caravan park. This is a much larger section also.

My recommendation is to ask for a site in Banksia or Malaleuka if they are available to you.

We were in site B25 per the map below. The showers are close to the front entrance and office.

Malaleuka Loop is more convenient to the showers and camp kitchen.  There are two additional toilet blocks servicing the camp.

The camp shop in the office sells ice and has some basics like milk, sliced meats, eggs, cheese and so on as well as soft drinks, ice creams and more so you don’t need to be concerned about running out of supplies.

Power outlets are available in the toilet blocks and the camp kitchen to charge your mobile phones.

The camp kitchen offers refrigeration, lots of tables, cooking facilities and wash up.

The Coolola Great Walk is un  the neighbourhood and the section of beach in front of the camp ground is a nice place to walk, with no fear of vehicle traffic. Swimming is not recommend as the beach is not patrolled.

It also features lots of wild life including bush turkeys, at least one large Lace Monitor and we saw three very relaxed kangaroos one evening.

The main attraction for this park is probably access the beaches to the north – a four wheel drive haven to Double Island Point via Teewah Beach.

Below are some pictures of the park. Note for his trip I was expecting a combination of heat and rain so decided to pack a tarp to protect from both. The upside of this arrangement is that your are much cooler with better sun protection.

The downside for my set up is the space associated with the poles – had to carry them on the floor of the camper which is fine for a dedicated trip where I know a tarp is needed. This approach would not be sustainable for a long road trip though with lots of stops.

Additional storage like a PVC tube carrier mounted on top beside the Fiamma awning or on a bike rack on the rear door would be an option.