Hiking poles are a piece of equipment I consider mandatory when moving around with a pack on your back.  They help you balance when rock hopping and climbing. They make life so much easier and even though they add weight to your journey I think the compromise is a good one.

A lot of the following claim to be the lightest on the market.

From the examples I have come across so far the lightest trekking pole on the market is the Gossamer Gear Lightrek 4 Trekking Poles with Straps at 116 g with the Black Diamond Ultra Distance closely behind.

I used the Black Diamond Ultra Distance on my Overland Trek hike and came back with one. I still use it for day walks – it is superlight – but must be handled with care.

Poles are a multipurpose device with potential uses including:

  • Clearing spider webs
  • Pushing aside foliage
  • Use as tent pole when going ultralite
  • Use as a splint
Gossamer Gear Lightrek 4 Trekking Poles with StrapsWeight:  Short: 4.0 oz, Regular: 4.1 oz. (116g) per pole
Trekking baskets add 0.4 oz. (11 g.) each
Size: Regular, Adjustable from 90 cm. (35.5 in.) to 140 cm. (55 in.)
84 cm. (33 in.) completely closed
upper section: 74 cm. (29 in.)
lower section: 81 cm. (32 in.)
Travel Tube has a 36 in. (91 cm.) length and a 3 in. (8 cm.) inside diameter and weighs 12.5 oz. (354 g.)
Black Diamond Alpine Carbon CorkWeight Per Pair : 492 g (246g per pole), 1 lb
Usable Length : 62.5–130 cm, 25–51 in
Collapsed Length : 62.5 cm, 25 in
Carbon fibre poles
Black Diamond Pure Carbon100% carbon fiber: 16 mm (.63 in) upper and 14 mm (.55 in) lower
Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz. (pair) (269g per pole)
Black Diamond Ultra DIstanceSeries : Z-Poles
Weight Per Pair : [100 cm] 260 g, 9.2 oz; [110 cm] 265 g, 9.3 oz; [120 cm] 270 g, 9.5 oz; [130 cm] 275 g, 9.7 oz
Usable Length : [100 cm] 100 cm; [110 cm] 110 cm; [120 cm] 120 cm; [130 cm] 130 cm
Collapsed Length : [100 cm] 33 cm, 13 in; [110 cm] 36.5 cm, 14.4 in; [120 cm] 39.5 cm, 15.6 in; [130 cm] 43 cm, 17 in
Exped ALPINE LITE PolesWeight: 185g per pole
Packed length: 56cm
Adjustable length: 3 sections, 95-125cm
Basket size: 55mm summer; 80mm all round; 110mm winter
Fizan TrektourReview
Fizan Compact58-132 cm
158g per pole
GMA 7690 ElelementalLength: 68-135cm
Weight: 270g per pole
Jacko Dyno TrailLength: 26-57in (68-145cm)
Weight: 11.6oz (328g)
Komperdell Carbon DuoLockpacked size: 68 cm
max. length: 140 cm
EVA-Full Foam Grip
KOMPERDELL Neoprene system strap DUOLOCK™
100 % Carbon
DUOLOCK™ adjusting system (175g per pole)

Leki light weight poles

Length / Size: 110 -135 cm in 5 cm Steps
Weight: 195 g / per pole
Unit at a length of 120 cm
Pack size: 37 cm at a length of 120 cm g per pole
Leki CressidaAdjustable Length: 3 sections 57-125 cm
170 g per pole
Life Link Carbon ProCarbon Fiber lower and patented Ovalized Locking aluminum upper offer a sleek, smooth, design that locks rock solid
Fully adjustable – Sold in 4 sizes (40″,44″,48″,52″) with 10″ of adjustment
» Sold with 3.5″ powder baskets
Weight: 19oz. per pair with baskets (269g per pole)
Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro252g per pole
MSR Overland Carbon240 g per pole
Quechua Forclaz 700 carbon3 parts. Maximum/minimum length: 65 cm / 130 cm. Weight: 210g
The Forclaz 500 Lite is made from aluminium and weighs a touch more: 230g
Tracks Sherlite StaffWeight: 16.5oz/460g each Adjustable Length: 42.5-57.5 in/108-146cm Stored Length: 34.5in/87cm