Lightweight mobile burners. Heating food while hiking isn’t mandatory but certainly makes the evening meal something to look forward to. Even if you only use it to make a hot drink it is an important ritual to include in your daily routine.

I currently have the Kovea Titanium Ultralight but am waiting for a Esbit titanium hexamine stove to arrive in the mail from Poland.

For the cheapest light weight solution make you own alcohol stove from a coke can. Next best value get a hexamine stove kit.

Below is a list of options for hiking.

see – Stoves for your camper.

Brunton Raptorbrunton_raptorOverall dimensions: 1.7”x1.5”x2.5” stove folded
Weight: 5 oz (141 g)
Fuel Type: Isobutane canisters
Rating: Approximately 3200 watts / 11,000 btu
Burn time: Up to 1.5 hrs at high output (one 8 oz canister)
4 minutes to boil 1L of water
Piezo electric ignition
Coleman F1 Ultralightcoleman_f1_ultralight_stoveAuto Ignition: No
Boil Time: 3.7min (1L)
Burn Time: [High] 50min; [Low] 2hrs
Country of Origin: France (Includes Monaco)
Fuel Type: Butane, propane (220g resealable cartridge)
Material: Stainless steel
Parts Kit: No
Size: [Folded] 6 x 1 x 6in (15 x 2.5 x 15cm)
Weight: 2.7oz (76.5g)
Fire Maplefire_mapleSpecs:67x67x102mm
Rated speed:10,000BTU
Ignition fashion: Piezoelectricity automatism strike fire
Hexamine stoveshexamine_camp_stoveSolid fuel hexamine stoves are probably the cheapest light weight cooking solution going.  It’s probably a good idea to start with this style of stove if you have limited funds.

These are what we used to carry in the army reserve. They work fine. Remember the matches. These probably perform better in wind than the ultralight Esbit version below.

Kovea Solokovea_solo_stoveDimensions: 57 x 57 x 100 mm
Ignition: One touch Piezo piece
Consumption: 127 g/h
round burner head makes flame even
Weight: 124 g
Kovea Titanium Supalitekovea_supaliteIGNITION: Manual
DIMENSION: 176 X 116 X 40mm (inner box)
BOIL TIME: approx 3 mins
CARTRIDGE: screw type 227 grams most brands
BTU OUTPUT: approx 8,500
WEIGHT: 60gm
STORAGE CASE: Soft Carry Case
Kovea Titanium Ultralitekovea_titaniumIgnition: One touch Electric Piezo ignition
Gas consumption: 230gm/hr
Boil time: approx 2.5 mins
Cartridge: screw type 227 grams most brands
BTU output: 9,000
Weight: 88gm
Storage case: Hard Plastic Case & soft case included.My Kovea Titanium Ultralite review.This is the ultralite camping stove I ended up buying after doing the research for this page.  I paid $69 AUD delivered in Brisbane.  There are some stoves that are a bit lighter and the Kovea Supalite is a little lighter again – but without the piezo ignition.  I think 28 grams for a lighter is worth it.  I use this stove on the smallest size resealable Coleman gas cylinder and it was very stable with a small kettle or 3 litre sauce pan on top.  Boiled water very quickly, easy to set up, folds away nicely into a soft drawstring bag to go back inside the kettle for safe keeping.  A great buy.
1.6 ounces (48 grams)
2.25″ x 2.25″ x 2.5″ (folded)
3″ x 3″ x 3.25″ (case)
MSR Pocket Rocketmsr_pocketUltralight, Pocket-Sized: Weighs just 3 oz. (86 g). Palm-size dimensions, 4x4x2 inches.
Output: 8,200 BTU
Simple, Lightening-Fast Operation: No need for priming, pressurizing or maintenance.
Blazing Heat Output: Boils a liter of water in under 3.5 minutes.
Simmer or Boil: Glove-friendly controls allow precise flame adjustment and stability.
Windclip™ Windshield: Micro-burner, tri-sectional clip protects flame in light wind gusts.
Burns MSR IsoPro™ Premium Fuel or normal Butane: Clean burning, ultimate performance from start to finish of canister life
MSR Windpro IImsr_windproSuperior Efficiency: Compatible with windscreen (included) for top performance in all conditions.
Versatile: Supports large cook pots (up to 9″ maximum diameter) and can be used with bake ovens.
Lightweight: Lightest remote canister stove on the market at 190g.
Nordisk Titaninium Esbit Stovenordisk_esbit_titanium13 g Hexamine Stove. This is probably the lightest kit you can get if you take the fuel weight into consideration also.

The gas stoves are much heavier because of the fuel canister.

Optimus Cruxoptimus_cruxOnly weighing 83 grams,

10,200 BTU output burner.

Ozmate Power 101ozmate_power101Small and compact, this mini burner is ideal for trekking or hiking. It has a power output of 10,000btu and fueled by Butane Gas (canister not included). Compact size is an amazing 46 x 46 x 105mm. Small enough to fit in your back pocket. Comes with hard carry case.

Weighs 84 g, with 80g/hr consumption.

Primus Micron Ti 2.5primus_micron_ti_stoveAuto Ignition: No
Boil Time: 4 min
Burn Time: Varies
Cleaning Tool: No
Country of Origin: China
Fuel Type: Butane,Hard Case: No
Heat Reflector: No
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime
Material: Titanium, aluminum
Size: 2.6 x 1.7 x 2.6in (6.6 x 4.2 x 6.6 cm)
Weight: 2.5oz (71g)
Windscreen: No
Snow Peak Gigapowersnowpeak_gigaSize: 4.125 x 2.625″ Weight: 3.25 oz Warranty: Lifetime Country of Origin: Japan

A version with piezo is also available


Snow Peak Litemaxsnowpeak_litemaxWeight (without fuel) 1.9 ounces (71g)
Dimensions 3 x 2.7 x 1.3 inches
Fuel GigaPower canisters
Average boil time 5 min. 35 sec.
Fuel capacity 220 grams
Burn time (max flame) (100 grams of fuel) 46 minutes
Water boiled per 100g fuel 8.2 liters
Soto OD-1BSsoto_stove


This one is not the lightest but it claims to be the smallest.

OUTPUT: 2800 kcal/h 3260W 11000 BTU
Duration: Burns approx. 1.5 hours with 250 g canister
Weight: 160 g (5 oz)
Dimensions when in use: 15 x 15 x 8 cm (5.9 x 5.9 x 3.2 inch)
Dimension when stowed: 3.4 x 4.62 x 6.37 cm (1.34 x 1.8 x .5 inch)

Editors’ Choice 2010: Soto OD-1R Micro Regulator Stove

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