Day nine 1 January 2022 Sunday

We had another nice breakfast and were picked up in Fes at 10am  for our journey to the blue city.

We had some excitement on the way with our driver being pulled over and booked by speed camera. He managed to negotiate his way down from a $40 to $15USD fine.

The landscape heading from Fes north is dramatically different to the moonscape south of  Marrakesh. The slopes are green with clearly more rainfall.

On arrival at Chefchaouen we were shown to our room and then got a call that Ameena would collect us from our Riad for a tour.

She was lovely and our two hour tour extended to nearly four including lunch. We got lots of photos.

Chefchaouen is a beautiful place.

Interesting to see a town with its historical water supply feeding group clothes washing stations. Although heavily tourist in nature the medina was very friendly and family oriented.

Our Riad, the first one we actually stayed in was very nice.

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Trip to Tangier Med and Spain