For a vehicle that has been pretty much unchanged for many years you would think the VW T6.1 should be just about perfect but there are some things which really annoy me.

The bluetooth is not user friendly. My android phone keeps struggling to connect.

What is more annoying though is the bluetooth warnings which constantly cover my maps screen. My van is fitted with two electrical units as part of the battery charging system that contain bluetooth. It constantly wants to remind and will not dismiss warnings. The best way to manage this that I have found is to turn the bluetooth off when I start up – but it turns itself back on every time I restart. VW cannot do software.

The DSG gear box is very ordinary at low speed. I note that the latest VW Golf now comes with a proper torque converter automatic gear box.  I dream of a van with a proper auto.

The Lane Assist is very primitive compared to my wife’s Volvo of the same year. Her vehicle has a haptic interface with the car letting you know when you are about to cross a line with vibration through the steering wheel before correcting the line unless you let it know you are where you want to be. No sound alerts – it just does its job. In fact I feel confident that I could probable drive a long way on a well marked highway without needing to steer – it is that good.

The Transporter on the other hand has a very primitive set up.

The worst feature is it insists you stay central between the lines and gives you an audio alert if you are staying too close to the line.  My preference is to drive as far left as road surface allows without crossing the left line. The reason for this is I have had too many close calls with large trucks wobbling over the centre line. I want to be as far from harm as possible. The Transporter will not tolerate this behaviour and the warning chine infuriates me!