After lots of research and considering the options chose a  TECO /LED19JHRDHU unit which has a built in DVD.

I could not find a smart TV in the 19 inch (18.5 actually). Smart TVs seem to start in the 22 inch and up range.

Given the small size of our vehicle though I went with the smallest available (would have preferred even smaller for storage reasons).

This model was quite inexpensive and came with its own base, remote control and 12 V and 240 volt power connections. Some models I have see charge extra for these components.

The plan is to use free to air broadcast TV when available, use mobile phones for streaming when network is available and broadcast to the TV via HDMI adapters. We have to keep an eye out for some DVDs for emergency use.

Antenna wise chose the Australian made Foldaway Antenna going for the Tallboy model with 6 metre cable.

The reason for choosing this model was it had the longest available base length at 2.1 metre.  There is not a natural mounting point on the Transporter itself and am reluctant to drill holes anywhere.

The plan is mount the unit on the ground and  bind it to the aluminium upright of the Fiamma awning with velcro. Hopefully with the Y shaped element I will get enough height to clear the raised Lamper roof. Of course the best plan will be to have a good guess about where the TV broadcast tower is located and park accordingly.

Location wise the plan is to attached the unit to the headrest uprights on the driver’s seat. The unit pictured below comprises a VESA attachment which slides into the headrest unit and is easily removable. As it adjustable there appears to be an option to watch TV from outside the vehicle also. This unit was purchased from Gallant in UK via ebay.

When I tried the TECO TV at home it tuned into the local digital TV channels quickly. The main downside is that the screen has a narrow range of optimum view. If you are above or below the centre line the display is poor.


Fold Away antenna Tallboy

TECO TV power supply

Gallant TV Clamp