Here are some views of the inside.

You can see the table just behind the driver seat which attaches to the rails across the front of the cupboard. Dometic sink with waste container.

The gauges are for fresh water tank and waste levels with the pump switch in the centre.

The fridge is a Dometic CRX80.

Other switches are on each appliance – LED strip light over sink, light over bed at the back, light under the side door step and fan Caframo Sirocco II.

You can see a 12V outlet on the right hand side of the sink. Just behind that is a twin 240 V outlet for when connected to shore power.

I have a simple 150 watt inverter for charging computers, camera batteries etc.

The electrical system is simple and comprises two Victron Energy units:

  • Orion Tr Smart DC-DC Charger
  • Blue Smart IP22 Charger, and
  • 100 AH LiFePO4.

An Anderson plug is located under the rear bumper to attach a portable solar panel should that ever be required.

You can see the attention to detail with fabric similar to the seating on the side trims.

The flooring is vinyl, with a concrete look.

Wanderlust cabinetry

VW T6.1 Wanderlust kitchen

see outside pictures.