Collected the van from Phil at Wanderlust late July, a bit over a  year after ordering the vehicle.

Before collection the vehicle was sent to the weigh bridge and came in at 2,260 Kg. The compliance plate was fitted on the B pillar drivers side. Main point to note that it increases the passenger number from 2 to 4 with the extra 2 seat belts installed.

I was advised that I needed to change the registration details.

The side lift roof comprises two metal side rails, a fibreglass foam single roof section and fibreglass fairings front and back.

The back windows were installed with the conversion.

My next job following the conversion was window tinting.

Next up was fitting of Seikel underbody engine/transmission protection. This item was supplied by Trakka in Sydney and delivered directly to Brisbane and Caravan Repair at Rocklea. I booked a convenient time and waited during fitting. This only took a half hour and I was on my way. It was a pleasure dealing with both organisations.

Jobs currently outstanding is fitting some decent rims and some seat covers.

See inside details.

Post window tint

Side view T6.1 tinting

The shade sail was an easy choice for two reasons. Firstly to protect from the sun – an obvious one – but more importantly to provide some privacy.

Below see a surprise inclusion – an LED footlight. Off on is a touch switch on the left hand side facing. It puts out a significant amount of light per next image down and it is usually left on all night

Seikel engine protection

Seikel underbody protection

Van roof from above.

Van roof

See inside details.