Day two of the Yamba weekend started with a ferry ride to Iluka. It is not far as the crow flies but it takes about 40 minutes on the ferry from the River Street jetty. We took the 9:30 am departure with a planned return at 2 pm.

It is a protected water way and on our fine day we had very smooth sailing and got to see our camp site as we cruised by early on the trip (pictured below)

Blue Dolphin Holiday Park

Iluka itself is a much quieter place than Yamba.

It is a beautiful spot on the northern side of the waterway.

It is a small township with a few shops in different locations and a few places to eat.

We walked along the harbour edge to the hotel and then started to try and find the ocean side. We came across a number of other travellers trying to achieve the same outcome.

Some locals told us we were going the wrong way – but had no idea themselves.

We should have followed the instructions of the man at the museum who told us to turn left at the hotel and walk through the rain forest. We ran out of time to finish the trip and had to head back to the ferry.

All up on this day we walked nearly 20,000 steps which was certainly a good work out.

If you are planning to go to Iluka there are two options – the road trip by car from the Pacific Highway – or the ferry from Yamba. Yamba has more dining options so is probably the better base.

Iluka might suit the quieter life, however depending on your preference.

Image of ferry as we boarded for the return trip.

Ferry to Iluka