One of my upgrade priorities preparing for country travel was an LED light bar.

I considered a nudge bar to mount one but was not keen on that idea, settling on a number plate mount approach with a small unit.

Chose a S40 Series 13″ LED Light Bar from Road Vision , their RBWK bar light wiring kit and a VW Amarok Headlight Piggy Back Adaptor from STEDI.

Fitting was at a local auto electrician.

The wiring kit came with a large switch but the electrician fitted a small round switch per the image below. I had no luck trying to get a genuine VW switch.

Update after first use. I used the spotlights on a trip south from Mackay – leaving at 4 am so got around half an hour of use. Perhaps the light could be adjusted up a bit but I found a lot of light on the road and while there was more light in the field of the high beam – I did not think I gained any range.

My suspicion is that the position of the light on a number plate bracket is too low. I will think about getting a nudge bar and mount the spotlights higher.