I was befuddled by my choices of a leisure battery to install in my camper. The following might help you with your choice.

There are two broad type of technology – lead acid and lithium.

Based on what I have read if you are going to choose a lead acid battery you need to choose an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) style. These are resistant to vibration, totally sealed, non-spillable and maintenance-free and apparently are the most popular style in Australia.

FeatureAGM Lead AcidLithium

eg. 110 AH

Very Heavy

~31 Kg (apparently minimum weight for quality)

Lighter – Better

~11Kg for Baintech Slimline Made in Australia

SizeBiggerSmaller – Better
Effective to discharge level50%80% – Better
Recharge timeSlowFaster – Better
LifespanShorter ? 3-5 yearsLonger ? 10 years – Better
CostCheaper – BetterExpensive
Best Value??

The value equation will need to include what other changes you need to support the battery such as whether you are going to use a solar regulator and the cost of this associated equipment.

There are downsides of a lithium battery including that they are not a simple replacement for an existing lead acid battery. The existing charging system may not be compatible and lithium batteries need to have a smart management system (which might be internal). Don’t assume all sellers understand the requirements. [ Reference: RV Daily ]

My plan is to get equip a solar regulator just in case.

After balancing the options of the available control systems for Lithium Phil at Wanderlust designed a simple system for me with a 100 AH Lithium battery and charging system with an external Anderson plug port.

See controller info

I ended up buying a portable solar blanket 200w just in case.

Info on solar charging.