If you have access to internet via wifi in a caravan park or the mobile phone network then you have plenty of choice on your phone, Macbook, notebook  or tablet.

Free to air TV

To get local news and weather it is great to be able to access live free to air TV.

TV broadcast ranges are usually a lot further than wifi or mobile data range but you need an aerial to get the best reception.

In Australia options include:

The Fold Away Antenna from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They also supply 12v and 240v signal amplifiers.

The 950 nn high vehicle mount SAN206 is a 1/2 wave, 2dBi gain, ground independent, 50Ω impedance antenna that is designed specially for both Digital TV and Digital Radio from Mobile One .

Digital antenna

A television made for travelling. These are different to the small screens you might use in your kitchen. They are built to be more heavy duty to cope with the bumps of road travel. They are more expensive because of this. Consider getting one with an inbuilt DVD player or USB connection so that you can watch some media when reception is not available.

Popular models in Australia are from these brands:


RV Media by Camec


Mounting brackets

There are a range of brackets available to connect your television. Some have limited range of movement and some are much more flexible.

See Keogh’s Marine

TV on your notebook computer

You might be able to watch free to air on your laptop computer using the AverMedia TD110 . It is for sale in Australia at mwave.com.au and includes a remote control. There does not appear to be an antenna extension to this device but I do note they sell a range of items, some of which do have an antenna connector. Please note I am not sure that they will work in Australia though.

Avermedia TV tuner

Set top boxes

Jaycar sells a set top TV receiver for around $60. If you lug a computer monitor with you that has a HDMI input you can use this as a television also. It has an antenna connection point as well as a remote control.

Dick Smith also sells a set top box with HDMI output for around $80. You should also be able to find one at Harvey Norman and the Good Guys.

Satellite TV for travellers

Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) . It provides digital TV and radio services to viewers in remote areas of Australia; and viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal antenna because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area. VAST has channels for ABC, SBS and the commercial networks including ONE HD, GO!, 7mate etc.

There is a special arrangement for travellers in remote and rural areas in Australia.

You will need suitable equipment to receive the VAST service. You will need a portable satellite dish kit and a VAST receiver (set-top box) with a smart-card (comes married with the receiver). As a traveller, you are catered for as a special category and can be granted an initial six-month period of VAST access. You can apply for an extension of this period during the four weeks before its expiry. Once you have your equipment, you will need to register your new VAST receiver (set-top box) before you receive all your services.

see more at UEC Australia.

So what does this cost? According to a package deal at Road Tech Marine in Sep 2020 for $699 you could pick up a satellite dish and signal meter, set top box decoder with remote control (240v and 12v) , coaxial cables and a padded stowing bag. Or you could but for $295 just the Vast Satellite TV receiver for $295.

This is a significant investment but if you are looking at spending a lot of name outback then this will make life more comfortable.