Queen Mary Falls signQueen Mary Falls is stopover rather than destination visit in the Main Range National Park.

The night before we had stayed at Stanthorpe and got up early to have breakfast at McDonalds on the highway.  Our adventure really began on our way to Queen Mary Falls as this trip from one place in Queensland to another took us via New South Wales on the weekend when border closures were starting because of the COVID-19 shutdowns in March 2020.

There were no police on the border crossing leaving Queensland into NSW but when we were nearing the turn off the Queen Mary Falls we definitely came across a police road block staffed by two police officers who were not very happy with our explanation.

Any way they let us pass without incident and before long we were the only car in the car park at the top of the falls.

It was very quiet when we arrived around 8 am with only one other car in the car park.

From what we could gather there were two basic ways to see the falls. The shortest of cliff circuit takes you around the top of the falls where you can look down. This is an easy 570 metre (15 minute) return walk to the car park which is suitable for most people.

The longer 2km walk takes you down to the bottom of the falls and 40 minutes is suggested time. It is a nice walk and the falls are worth the trip. Definitely worth a stop over.