I did this walk in August 2010.  It was my first through walk so it was a short walk for trial only. I parked the car on Mapleton Forest Drive road where the Great Walk track connects.  I was too concerned about parking the car overnight at the Mapleton Falls car park as I have heard there are lots of break-ins there.  I parked about midday then walked to Gheerulla Falls – around 5 km.  I then walked back the short distance to the Ubajuu Walkers camp.  Note this short distance is a bit of a climb but I took it steady.  There was no one else at the campsite so I had the pick of sites.  Not only are there low tables to eat on  – most have stump chairs as well – just the thing for a tired back.  The outlook from the Ubajee viewpoint is a lovely surprise.  The next morning I simply walked out to the car which had survived the night unscathed.

The Great Walks seem to be a great idea – but I cannot help wondering why they have not catered for the overnight through walker and made some circuit walks that cater for people who work during the week.  I am unlikely to get the time to do any full walks and the thought of having to walk one way then back again to do overnight is a real pain.  I don’t want to have to put people out by driving me backward and forwards – I want to drive to a point, park safely, complete a circuit then drive home the next day.


Photos below are from my short first through the walk.