Mount Cooroora is located in Pomona in the Sunshine Coast area.

Jake and I set off from Brisbane at 5 am, had a quick Maccas breakfast on the  way arriving at 6.30 after taking the long way because we approached the feature by asking Google to take us to Mt Cooroora. In hindsight we should have approached through the township of Pomona.

To be specific the start point for the walk up Mt Cooroora is at the junction of Mountain St and Jampot Creek Rd, Pomona.  It is in the Tuchekoi National Pak.

There are great parking facilities and park areas near the start point so it is worth contemplating taking a picnic for after the climb.

Tuchekoi National Park Street location

The trail is well maintained with stairs cut into the rock and some sections of steel staircases and chain hand rails. All help with the climb and more importantly probable reduce wear to the trail and reduce sprains and falls. This is one of the more difficult walks I have done and the chains were welcomed.  I took a light weight hiking pole with me and that was a good idea.  I used it often on the way up and back.

It took around an hour for me to get to the top from the car park, but I was going pretty steadily and stopped a few times to allow other walkers to come down and gratefully catch a breath.

One fellow we met on the trail climbed the hill three times in the time we took to do it once.  It is his weekly exercise and he sure looked fit.

Arriving at the top was a relief and it was a beautiful clear day with great visibility. From some angles the peak looks like a point, out is actually a ridge so make sure you spend some time to get all of the vistas. One of the views pictured below is across the township of Pomona through to Noosa national park in the east.

In summer it is certainly recommended to start this work early as it can get quite hot.  I would recommend taking around a 500 ml bottle of water and usual sun protection.

Pomona and Noosa from Mt Cooroora

Preparation wise I chose to walk in running shoes. In hindsight this was a mistake for me. The shoes did not give me much toe room and on the way down in particular I struggled with toes being jammed against the end of the shoe. Next time I will take higher cut boots to give me some more confidence.

The down hill direction was certainly faster but was the time when I needed to be a bit more careful as it was slippery in parts.