Jollys Lookout at Mount Nebo in the north west of Brisbane is worth visiting because of the view and if you don’t have time for a walk – take a picnic lunch and enjoy the view and relative quiet.

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In April 2019 when we did this walk we figured we would try and do between 10 and 15 km so took a little food as well as some water.  We planned to have a snack out bound before our return. Our main target was the Thylogale track which is 9 km return. You walk to Boombana picnic ground where you can have a break under shelter if you want. There are also some picnic tables there. We planned to also do the Egernia short side track on our way back.

We drove to Jollys Lookout and walked around the picnic area and the view. We left the vehicle in the Lookout carpark and walked back down to the start of the walks.

Below you can see some of the landmark signs and also an image of the Boombala stop.

Thylogale Track sign Brisbane

see Enoggera Reservoir walk