Things to know about Marocco

  1. Maroc Telecom is awesome every where we went including in between we had great data/internet access.
  2. All payment machines we used were tap and go.
  3. Only one bank charged a fee for cash withdrawal in Casablanca first day.
  4. Pedestrian crossings are very different to Australia – they are more advisory. If you start crossing keep going confidently – they will probably stop.
  5. Watch out for your mobile phone. One of our party had her phone stoled from her hands by fellows on a motor bike.  In the Medina at Fes we saw many used phones for sale.Expect to be pulled over daily by police wanting to check papers.
  6. Accumulate coins and small notes at every opportunity – ideally single dirhams for bathrooms, and 10D coins or 20 and 50 notes for tipping room service and baggage handlers etc.