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Portable water purifiers for hikers. Note *Capacity of any device will vary depending on characteristics and concentrations of contaminants and inlet water pressure.

Below see a list of purifier devices that are available.  Another option which will kill harmful bugs is simply boiling the water.  Of course boiling does nothing to reduce particulate matter so brown water boiled is still brown water. Please send links to more resources.



Alkaway Fill 2 Pure

Lift and Sip: uses the power of YOU to extract super-filtrated water.
(Don't upturn the bottle; just sip from the foldaway spout.)
Made from stainless steel
It's BPA free
It actually filters - as you drink!
It even removes heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride!
Helps save the environment from plastic water bottled.
(the facts about bottled water)
Size : 800mL
Filter Life 380 Liters (Approx 500 Refills)
Replacement filter RRP $32.00 inc GST (click here to buy)
Mesh sleeve with clip
Aquamira Frontier Pro Aquamira Frontier Pro The Frontier Pro filter will connect directly to any water bottle with a 28mm opening such as a Platypus® or standard spring water bottle.

Weighs 2 ounces (58 g)


There is an emergency version alos from Aquamira . The Frontier Emergency Water Filter System will filter up to 20 gallons (75L) of water and it weighs 1 ounce.

Aquapure Traveller

Specifications from web site:

BPA free (no chemicals)

Bottle capacity 650mL (including when the filter is inside)
Filter Capacity up to 350L
Filter size 2 microns
Weight 110g

Litekamper review Aquapure Traveller

I got this bottle to provide my water filtration needs on a six day walk on the Overland Track in Tasmania Easter 2012.  Here are my initial impressions. The Aquapure Traveller water bottle is made of plastic.  It stands about 224mm high and the base has a diameter of about 90mm. At its widest point it is around 90mm across because of the offset nature of the top section. It fits easily into the side pockets of my various packs. The filter is built into the screw cap/mouth piece.  On my scales it weighs 107 g empty and 750 g full - which equates to a water volume of around 650 ml. My plan is to fill another bottle from this one so I did a quick check of flow rate by simply filling from the kitchen tap - which is probably not as clean as Tasmanian wilderness rainwater and found that I transfer the contents to another bottle by squeezing in under 20 seconds which seems a pretty good flow rate.  I'll add more following the walk.

Aquapure Inline filter Filter Capacity average lifetime of up to 350L
Filter size pore size 2 microns
Weight 75g
Aqua Safe Straw Aqua Safe Straw AquaSafeStraw is a high tech, tested and approved water purification system that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria including Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, and Fecal Coliforms, plus parasitic contamination by Cryptosporidium, and Giardia. 

Am not so sure this is a good idea from a contaminated source - but it is an option.

Bota of Boulder

Outback Filter

Bota of Boulder Outback Filter

The Outback is a water filtration system that is easy to carry and use. Using innovative tecnology, the Outback allows the user to filter water from most U.S. streams, lakes or ponds. The filter removes 99.9% Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts.* The Outback filtration matrix is comprised of inert, synthetic polymers, molecular sieves and microspheres that have been specifically configured to trap and retain these organisms while inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This process, also known as tortuosity has little effect on the flow of water molecules, but presents a rugged, microscopic obstacle course for parasites. The result is safe water that is instantly available for drinking without prior disinfection all in an easy to use, lightweight Nalgene™ ATB bottle. This filter is designed to have very little back pressure and is easy to squeeze with a faster flow rate.
Chlorine tablets Aqua Pura chlorine tablets Any camping store will be able to sell you water purification tablets.  Simply follow the directions.  It is best to process your water as long as possible before drinking to reduce the bad taste.

Make sure you pick a tablet with the appropriate amount of chlorine for your water container.

First Need First Need Trav L Pure First Need make a range of travel purifiers including the Award Winning, First Need Trav-L-Pure Portable Purifier is simple to use. Just pour water into its container and pump. No dangling hoses or external accessories, it's completely self-contained. Each canister has an average rated capacity of 125* gallons and is sealed to prevent contact with contaminants. As durable and light weight as it is easy to use, First Need Trav-L-Pure Portable Purifier has been used by UN forces in Somalia and is a favorite of travelers worldwide. Ideal for resort, business travel or wilderness treks.
Frontier emergency

water filter system

Emergency water filter for hiking and camping
Perfect for foreign travel emergencies
Ideal "back up" filter for backpacking trips
Removes 99.9% of Giardia, Cryptosporidium and bacteria such as E. Coli
Removes pathogens and other contaminants down to 2 microns in size
Ultralight and compact
Essential part of your 72 hour emergency kit
Filters up to 20 gallons of water (depending on water quality)

Weight: less than 1 oz
Filtration capacity: up to 20 gallons of water
General Ecology Micro Lite Weight:
Unit weight w/Cartridge attached: 7 oz (198.4 gms)
height x diameter : 5.5" x 2.75" (13.9 cm x 6.9 cm)
Pore size
(absolute): 1 microns
(nominal): 0.5 microns
Flow rate: 1 pint per minute (0.5 quarts per minute)
Filter/purifier life (replaceable element): 100 pints per cartridge (12.5 gallon)

HTI Lifepack


The LifePack is easy to use. Simply put dirty water into the red port, and one sports syrup charge into the green port. That’s it. The water will be filtered by the advanced forward osmosis membrane as it is drawn into the LifePack’s inner chamber. When the process is complete, simply pour the clean drink out and restart the system. No purifying chemicals are required, nor is any power input needed other than the sports drink syrup charges that drive the filtration process by osmosis. The LifePack ensures you have safe water, anywhere on the planet.

The highest purity levels of any personal water filter
Non-clogging filter means expanded water source options
Diluted sports drink enhances hydration and improves user performance
Reduces your water logistics burden by a factor of 10

Volume: 1.8 liters
Filter life: 5 Days
Filter output: 1 liter in 7 hours
User effort: seconds to fill, no work required for filtering


Katadyn Mini Katadyn Mini

Katadyn make a range of light weight filters suitable for hiking.  The mini weighs 210g or 8 oz .

Capacity (gal) ~ 2'000 (L) ~ 7'000
Dimensions (cm) 8 x 18 x 5 (in) 3.2 x 7 x 2
Output (gal) ~ 0.5 quarts/min (L) ~ 0.5 L/min
0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable)

Hiker Review | Pocket review

Lifesaver Lifesaver

Minimum operating temperature >0 °C (32 °F)
Maximum operating temperature 50 °C (122 °F)
Minimum storage temperature -10 °C* (14 °F)
Maximum storage temperature 60 °C (140 °F)

Initial flow rate 2.5L/min@0.25 Bar(1)
Cartridge service rating 4000 litres (1056 US gallons)
6000 litres (1585 US gallons)
MWCO 200KDs - on dextranes
Bacteria retention >99.999995 % (log 7.5)(2)
Virus retention >99.999 % (log5)(3)
Chemical reduction Activated carbon reduces
chemical residues,
inc: pesticides endocrine
disrupting compounds
medical residues and
heavy metals

Review | Review

Meridian Designs


Meridian Designs Aquastar

The AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier is a spectracidal treatment solution appropriate for use in all climates and settings. Campers, hikers, emergency crews, and families who depend on having clean water, depend on Aquastar. Using a pair of standard camera batteries, the AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier can safely and quickly treat a liter of water in about a minute. Lightweight -- less than 4 ounces (106 grams), rugged and simple one-button operatation, everyone should have an AquaStar UV Portable Water Purifier packed in their survival kit.




Micropur Forte Chlorine tablets with silver ions
Fast and effective water disinfection .

Disinfects clear water and destroys bacteria, amoebas and viruses.

Preserves water for up to 6 months by using silver ions
Use in combination with a filter in turbid water
Available in tablets, powder or liquid

Micropur Antichlorine

Neutralises chlorine and restores the natural taste of water. Also suitable for preparing drinks with chlorinated tap water (e.g. isotonic drinks). Can also be used as a final step of Micropur Forte to improve taste.

MSR Hyperflow


MSR Hyperflow Microfilter

High Flow Rate: Pumps more than 3 liters per minute or one liter every 20 strokes.
Ultralight: Just 7.4 oz. (209 g).
Ultra-small: Just 7x3.5 in. ( 17.8 x 8.3 cm) makes it easy to take along even when space is at a premium.
Field-Maintainable: Can be cleaned repeatedly for flow recovery without tools.
Super Convenient: Quick Connect bottle adapter lets you filter water directly into a variety of containers, including all MSR hydration products and other wide-mouth containers


MSR Miniworks EX

MSR Miniworks EX

Effective against protozoa, bacteria, particulates Yes
Effective against viruses No
Effective against chemicals/toxins Yes
Weight 1 lb / 456 g
Width 2.75 in / 7 cm
Length 7.5 in / 19 cm
Filter media Ceramic Plus Carbon
Filter pore size 0.2 microns
Flow (L/min) 1 liters per min
Flow (strokes per liter) 85
Cartridge life ~2000 liters
Field cleanable Yes
Field maintainable Yes

Review | Review

MSR Miox

MSR Miox

No pumping required Just add water, shake, and press a button.

Purifies water without iodine No health risk or unpleasant iodine taste.

Great for large volumes of water Perfect for groups or extended trips.

Ultralight and compact Fits in your pocket to go anywhere.
Reliable purification Inactivates all viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

Dwell times
Viruses, bacteria: 15 min, Giardia: 30 min, Cryptosporidium: 4 hrs.

Weight Pen: 3.5 oz./99 g Kit: 8 oz./227 g

Kit includes
MIOX. Purifier, salt, batteries, safety-indicator strips, instruction booklet, quick-reference card, and storage sack

Review | Review

Platypus Cleanstream

Platypus Cleanstream

The CleanStream™ microfilter system treats 4L of water in less than 2.5 minutes using gravity. Need a lot of water? Just refill the Dirty side - even before the Clean side is empty and you’ll be automatically refilling as you go. A quick-disconnect fitting allows for easy removal and filling of the Dirty reservoir and back flushing for optimal performance is as easy as changing the height of the reservoirs. No moving parts, no assembly, near-zero effort.

Effective against protozoa, bacteria, particulates Yes
Effective against viruses, chemicals/toxins No
Weight 13.7 oz / 388 g
Width 3 in / 8 cm
Length 9.5 in / 24 cm
Filter media Hollow Fiber, Filter pore size 0.2 microns
Flow (L/min) 1.75 liters per min
Cartridge life 1500 liters
Field cleanable Yes

Review |

PUR Water PUR Water

Each packet treats 2.5G/10L of water. Kills bacteria & viruses and removes dirt, cysts & pollutants. Maintains pure, fresh taste. Easy to use; water is ready to drink after 30 minutes. Also includes a replacement cotton filter cloth.


Point Zero Two

Sawyer Point Zero Two With no pumping and no chemicals required, the Sawyer Point Zero Two™ water purifier with bucket adapter delivers 5 gal. of clean drinking water in under 45 min. Simply install the purifier to nearly any plastic bucket (not included) and you're setup with a large-volume gravity purification system. 0.02-micron hollow fiber membrane purifier physically removes particles, protozoa, bacteria and viruses while maintaining a good rate of flow. All Sawyer water filters and purifiers exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations for removal rates. Purifier is fully field maintainable to ensure a fast flow of water; includes a back wash syringe and a faucet adapter for thorough back washing in the field and at home. Sawyer Point Zero Two water purifier includes hollow fiber purifier, tubing, bucket adapter, hole cutter, faucet adapter, filter cleaner, filter hanger, and instructions.


Soldier's My Hiker

Size of ceramic membrane's aperture: 0. 1 micron

Output: Approx. 0.3 L per min (10 oz. per minute)

Capacity: 2,000 liters (Each replaceable cartridge will filter up to 2.000 liters depending on water quality)

Weight: Approx. 88g (3 oz.)

Dimensions: 13.8X5.7X2.8cm

Material: ABS plastic, Ceramic, Nano-KDF Including: pump housing, one reusable, replaceable filter cartridge, inlet hose with pre-filter, outlet hose with bottle adapter



The SteriPEN Classic purifies water using Ultraviolet (UV) light. Whether your source is a clear running brook or a hotel tap, SteriPEN Classic destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, in seconds.

There's no pumping, no chemicals no filter clogging and best of all, no after taste. Independent test have proved that SteriPEN is by far the most effective lightweight purifier on the market.

UV light destroys the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and parasitic protozoa.

When used as directed SteriPEN's Ultraviolet Light:

Destroys Giardia and Cryptosporidium
Kills 99.9999% of bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli
Eliminates over 99.99% of viruses such as hepatitis and poliovirus
Meets U.S. E.P.A. Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers