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Sleeping bags < 1kg


Sleeping bags can be heavy and bulky.  The models below are less than one kilo and are ideally suited to thru hiking or light weight cycle travelling.

The Cumulus range seems to the lightest around. See also sleeping pads and pillows.

You may see a range of temperatures for a bag.  The general approach seems to be as follows:

Comfort Temp: Rating based on a 'standard' adult woman having a comfortable night's sleep.

Lower Limit Temp: Based on the lowest temperature at which a 'standard' adult man is deemed to be able to have a comfortable night's sleep.

Extreme Temp:   A survival only rating for a 'standard' adult woman. This is an extreme survival rating only and it is not advisable to rely on this rating for general use. 

Additional thermal clothing should be worn if being exposed to temperatures in this range.

There are a number of things to consider when looking for a light weight sleeping bag.  There are many articles around on the down vs synthetic debate.  I'll leave these for you to find.  Here is a great Australian article on bags.

Temperature range

I use a 10 deg c bag which is very compact and weighs 700g for most requirements where I live. But for colder climates will require a second bag.


If you are looking at wet weather a waterproof outer cover may be an advantage.  These may add cost.

This article likes the idea of a waterproof vs non waterproof Mont Nadgee for Australian conditions


Most ultralight bags are mummy style and can be very restrictive. For additional comfort you may be better off in a wider and therefore heavier bag.

For a cold weather bag to try the Overland Track in Tasmania I was deciding between the a Macpac Latitude 500 XP (1.1 Kg) or Mont Nadgee (1.2 Kg), and Western Mountaineering Sycamore but ended up getting a Mountain Hardwear Spirit SL long bag s for $180 at Mountain Designs surplus at DFO, Hendra in Brisbane.  These are mummy style bags but the larger size has a bit more wriggle room.  With 800 loft down and a waterproof shell and weighing 2 lb 4 ounces (just over 1 kg) I think this is a pretty good deal. Review to follow.

Mild (>5) Min temp (Celcius)
Blackwolf Micron 50 12 deg 915 grams  
Caribee Plasma Hyperlite Compact Sleeping Bag 12 deg 700 grams  
Caribee Plasma LITE Compact Hooded Sleeping Bag 7 deg 1000 grams  
High Rock Ultra Light series Hummingbird FT13131 7 deg Inner Size : 203 x 80cm
Filler : 90/10 Goose Down FP800, 300G
Shell & Lining: Nylon, 20D x 20D ultra light high density
Comfortable Temperature : +7℃-+3℃
Extreme Temperature : +25℃-0℃
Total Weight : 0.70kgs
Lafuma One Kilo 9 deg "comfort" rating of 48F. Mid-rating of 37F, Extreme rating is 23F


Mountain Hardwear Phantom 45 Down Sleeping Bag Summer Weight: 15 oz (short); 1 lb 1 oz (reg); 1 lb 3 oz (long)

Roman Palm I 10 deg 500g Shape: Semi-Tapered
Size: 180cm length (+30cm hood) x 75cm I have one of these for summer. My bag weighs 700g with compression sack - I don't know where they get the 500g from.  It sure is compact though.
Cool (0-5)
Aldi 0 deg July 2010 in Australia Aldi were selling a 0 deg C compact bag that weighed 1 Kg - for $14.99 AUD. I bought one. Compresses nicely.  
Cumulus XLite 200 3 deg 430g [My dream sleeping bag] Extremely light bag for extreme minimalist. X-lite 200 is made of Pertex Quantum, probably the lightest downproof fabric available  
EPE Cocoon Micro 5 deg 205 x 80 x 60 cm

785 g

GoLite Ultralite 1+ 4 deg Weight: 1 lb 4 oz. | 567 g
Rating: 40F / 4C
High Rock Discovery Series, Water Meadow DC13203 3 deg Inner Size : 193 x 75cm, Filler : 80/20 Eiderdown FP600, 370G
Shell : Polyester 40Dx40D, Lining : Polyester Taffeta
Comfortable Temperature : +3℃-0℃
Extreme Temperature : +20℃--3℃
Total Weight : 0.85kgs

Macpac Express 400

Fast and light series

2 deg comfort

Size Standard

Weight 0.78kg

Fill weight 400gms

Fill power 800+ Loft

Temp rating Comfort 2C / Limit -4C / Extreme -21C

Marmot Plasma 30 1 deg Weight: 1 lbs 7.86 oz / 676 g Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award 2011
Fill weight: 11.82 oz / 335 g
Mountain Hardwear
UltraLamina 32
0 deg Reg: 1 lb 15 oz 880g
Long: 2 lb 2 oz 965g
Roman Everest Caplite 2 deg 1kg  
Sir Joseph Koteka 290 0 deg 200cm version 550 g = this is a world class weight

Comfort: 7 C | Comfort-Limit: 3 C | Extrem: -10 C

Vango Ultralite 200 5 deg 925 g  
Western Mountaineering Highlite 2 deg

Weighs less than 500g

Temperature Rating: +2ºC
Shell: ExtremeLite™
Insulation: 225g, 850+ loft down

Freezing (below zero
Big Agnes Zirkel SL 20 -7 deg Reg: 1 lb. 14 oz.850g
Long: 2 lb. 2 oz. 965g
Cumulus Panyam 600 -14 990g CUMULUS Panyam-600, Made of Pertex Quantum. Comfort temperature of -14C makes it suitable for winter activities  
EPE Scott 200 Down Fill -5 deg Dimensions: 235 x 80 x 60 cm
Total Weight: 950 grams
Ultralite 3-Season Quilt
-7 deg 1 lb 9 oz 709g  
Integral Designs
Cocoon Primaloft
-1 deg Reg: 2 lb. 2 oz 965g  

Macpac Express 700

-2 deg comfort

Size Standard

Weight 0.98kg

Fill weight 600gms

Fill power 800+ Loft

Temp rating Comfort -2C / Limit -8C / Extreme -28C

Marmot Hydrogen -1 deg Reg: 1 lbs. 8 oz. 680g
Marmot Helium -9 deg Reg: 2 lb 2 oz 965g
U.L. Super Spiral Down Hugger #3
-1 deg Weight: 1 lb 5 oz 595g  

Mountain Designs Ultra series

-7 to 3

-3 to 7

Ultra 500 989 g (Down sleeping bags)

Ultra 300 791 g

North Face Kilo Bag -1 deg 995g  
One Planet Stowaway -3 -3 deg Reg: 0.7 kg This is my dream bag  for Australian conditions
Lrg: 0.79 kg
One Planet Cocoon 500 -5 deg Reg: 0.84 kg
Lrg: 0.94
Sea to Summit SP3  

Reg 0.625 kg
Lrg: 0.69

They have a range for milder temps also - a very minimalist bag.

Tundra Pure and Dry -5 - 5 deg Weight 950 g (inc stuff sack) [Source: ]  
Valandre Lafayette -10 deg Total weight: 1000 gm (2lb 3 oz)
Comfort rating: -10C (14F)
Extreme rating: -15C (5F)
Vango  Venom 150 DOWN Micro Compact  -7 deg 575g (bag only) 640 g with compression sack.  
Vango Venom 225 DOWN Micro Compact -10 deg 740g

 One of the most compact -10c down bags available on the market

Vango Venom 300 DOWN Micro Compact -12 deg Total Weight: 880g (sleeping bag only 810g)
Western Mountaineering Ultralite -7 deg 180 cm = 880 gm 

200 cm = 935 gms

Western Mountaineering Versalite -12 deg 180 cm = 905 gm

200 cm = 960 gm