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Mats The following sleeping pads are suitable for hiking. Some are less than 500g.  Others weigh  bit more with a bit more comfort factor.  Choosing a mat is a matter of real personal choice. See pillows & sleeping bags.

The lightest full length pad is the Klymit Inertia X Frame at 258 g but a more practical one for mild Australian conditions might be the  the Exped AirMat Basic Ultralight 7.5 Medium at 355g.

Big Agnes Air Core

Big Agnes Air Core

Yes! 2 1/2 inches thick.

20" x 66" x 2.5" 22oz
20" x 72" x 2.5"  24oz
20" x 78" x 2.5" 15° 27oz
25" x 78" x 2.5" 15° 2lb 4oz
20" x 60" x 2.5" mummy 18oz
20" x 72" x 2.5" mummy 21oz
20" x 78" x 2.5" mummy 23oz

Blackwolf Full size & 3/4 Blackwolf sleeping pad

Length Long 183 cm, 3/4 122 cm

Width 51 cm

Thickness 3.8 cm

Weight Long 830 grams, 3/4 540 gms
Packed size Long 29 x 16 cm, 3/4 26 by 13 cm

EPE Global 3/4 Size Core Lite EPE Global sleeping mat Length Long 183cm, Standard 122cm
Width 51cm
Thickness 2.5cm
Weight Long 820g, Standard 540g

Dimensions: 122 x 51 x 2.5cm
Packed Stuff bag dimensions (approx): 25 x 12cm
Weight: approx 400 grams

Exped AirMat Basic Ultralight 7.5 Medium

Size 182 x 50 cm

Thickness 7.5 cm

Weight 355g

Packed 21x7.5

Min Temp 11

Exped Down Mat

Exped have a large range of sleeping mats.  If you are looking for more luxury, good weight and huge R value check out the Exped Down range.

DownMat 7Pump Short

120x52x7 cm 640 g / 22.6 oz Packed: 23x12 cm R-value 5.9
DownMat 7 Pump

183x52x7 cm 880 g / 31 oz Packed: 23x16 cm R-value: 5.9
DownMat 7Pump DLX

197x65x7 cm 1150 g / 40.6 oz Packed: 27x14 cm R-value: 5.9
DownMat 9 Pump

183x52x9 cm 990 g / 34.9 oz Packed: 24x16 cm R-value: 8
DownMat 9 Pump DLX

197x65x9 cm 1270 g / 44.8 oz Packed: 27x16 cm R-value: 8

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Exped Sim Light

The Sim Light range is for the minimalist.

SIM Light 2.5 Short

Size: 120x50x2.5 cm Weight: 430g /15 oz Packed: 19x12 cm / 7x5“
SIM Light 2.5 Mummy

Size: 183x50x2.5 cm Weight: 610g /22 oz Packed: 20x15 cm / 8x6“
SIM Light 2.5

Size: 183x50x2.5 cm Weight: 640g /23 oz Packed: 20x15 cm / 8x6“
SIM 2.5

Size: 183x50x2.5 cm Weight: 790g /27.9 oz Packed: 20x16 cm / 8x6“
SIM Light 3.8

Size: 183x50x3.8 cm Weight: 760g /27 oz Packed: 27x16 cm / 11x6“
SIM Light 3.8 DLX

Size: 197x65x3.8 cm Weight: 1060g /37 oz Packed: 33x17 cm / 13x7“

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Gossamer Gear NightLight™ Sleeping Pad Gossamer Gear NightLight™ Sleeping Pad Weight:
varies 12 to 12.4 oz. (340 - 352 g.)
19 x 76 x 3/4 in. (48 x 193 x 2 cm.)
Pad rolls to 8 in. (20 cm.) diameter by 19 in. (48 cm.) long
note: Sizes may vary up to + or - 1/2 in. (1.3 cm.)
Closed Cell Cross Linked EVA Polyolefin Foam

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Highlander EVA Foam Mats Highlander EVA Foam Mats
Compact 140x50x0.8cm   Weight:  0.14 kg

Camper 180x50x0.8cm Weight: 0.18 kg

Explore 180x50x1cm Weight: 0.47 kg

Highlander Aluminium Foil Mat Highlander Aluminium Foil Mat Thermally reflective and insulating
Water resistant

Item Dimension: 180x60x0.2cm
Weight: 0.12 kg

Highlander inflatable sleeping mat with pump Fabric/Materials: PU coated PVC
Item Dimension: 180x50x7cm
Pack Size: 12x8.5x25cm
Weight: 0.84 kg


Karrimor sleeping mats

Length 185cm

Width 51cm

Thickness  2.5cm.

Weight 680 gram

Kathmandu v225 Kathmandu v225 sleeping mat Length Long 183cm, Standard 120cm
Width 51cm
Thickness 2.5cm
Weight Long 820g, Standard 540g

Kathmandu V238

Length Long 183cm, Standard 120cm
Width 51cm
Thickness 3.8cm
Weight Long 1120g, Standard 740g

The more recent range which became available post August 2010 is called the Compact Lite with stats as follows:

Weight Long 890g, Standard 595g

and the Self Inflating Mat Hike 38

Weight Long 1,000g, Standard 640g

Klymit Inertia X Frame World’s lightest full length pad at 9.1 ounces 258g


Metzeler Thermo Air Light Long & 3/4

German made

Length Long 191 cm, 3/4 121 cm

Width: 61 cm

Thickness 3.0 cm

Weight 1050 grams, 3/4 650 grams

Size in bag: 17 cm diameter x 33 cm (Folds in half then rolls up)

Mountain Designs Mountain Mat Mountain Design Lite 3/4 self inflating Mountain Mat
Dimensions 122cm x 51cm x 3.8cm weight 656g
Mountain Designs Pro Mountain Designs Pro sleeping mats

Pro Sleeping Mat
Size: 183L x 51W x 2.5D cm 580g
Size: 183L x 51W x 3.8D cm 680g

Size: 122L x 51W x 2.5D cm 390g
Size: 122L x 51W x 3.8D cm 480g

Multimat ultimat sleeping mat 1830x510x25/38mm = 840g

Nunatak Luna

The Luna Pad measures 19.5" x 78"
and rolls up to a diameter of about 12".

Using our ultra sensitive electronic down scale we measured the pad to weigh an incredible 12 oz.

The Luna Pad has an overall thickness of 3/4", with the foam in the 'valleys' a little more than quarter of an inch thick.

Color is a neutral light gray.

12 ounces,  340g

Outerlimits 3/4  
Ozmate full  & 3/4

Length Long 183, 3/4 122cm

Width 51 cm

Thickness  25 mm

Weight 850 g, 3/4 500 g

Packed size 3/4 25cm x 13cm

Pacific Outdoor Peak Oyl lite

Length Long 198 cm, Regular 183cm, 2/3 122cm

Width 51 cm

Thickness  25 mm

Weight Long 585 g, Regular 539 g, 2/3 360 g


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Thermarest 40th Anniversary

The Thermarest 40th Anniversary Edition Sleeping Mat Boasts exclusive cutting-edge, lighter-density foam, resulting in the most comfortable, thickest and warmest selfinflating mattress in the Fast & Light® category. The individually serial-numbered mattresses also feature a glow-in-the-dark valve and a new soft-grip bottom fabric to prevent slipping on the tent floor. A Women’s 40th Anniversary Edition mattress is also available, featuring extra insulation in the foot and torso areas, and a subtle tone-on-tone fabric print design.

Limited edition: 1972 colour and logo style.

Comfortable: 5cm of comfort and no extra weight through new foam technology.

Light weight: Designed and shaped for light weight and packability.

Warm: Diagonal cut foam for excellent warmth.

Soft Grip Base: for a "non-slide around your tent" night's rest.

Thickness: 5cm

R value: 4.0


Dimensions: 51 cm wide /183 cm long Press release

Thermarest Neolite

The Neo air range is more air and more compact.

Small: 20 in. x 47 in. x 2.5 in. 9 oz.

Medium: 20 in. x 66 in. x 2.5 in.13 oz.

Regular: 20 in. x 72 in. x 2.5 in.14 oz.

Large: 25 in. x 77 in. x 2.5 in.1 lb. 3 oz


The Trekker variant of this mat is a bit heavier, feels better on the skin and might resist wear and punctures a bit better.

Thermarest Prolite Plus

There is a significant range of sizes and thicknesses in the Thermarest Prolite Plus range. 

Small: 20 in. x 47 in. x 1.5 in. 1 lb. 1 oz.

Regular: 20 in. x 72 in. x 1.5 in. 1 lb. 8 oz.

Large: 25 in. x 77 in. x 1.5 in. 2 lb. 1 oz.

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Vango Ultralite Full & 3/4 3/4 Dimensions 120 x 51 x 2.5cm
Weight 430g (460g with stuffsac)
Pack size 32 x 14cm

Full Dimensions 183 x 51 x 2.5cm
Weight 650g (710g with stuffsac)
Pack size 33 x 16cm